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We had the wonderful opportunity to speak with director Paul Knight about “24 Little Hours.” Check out the interview below. Hi, Paul! Thank you for granting the interview. We’re excited to speak with you. You recently wrote and directed the movie “24 Little Hours.” Tell us how do you estimate the value of any given film? Hello and thank you all at Occhi for allowing me to be part of this edition and for the support and voice you give Indie filmmakers. Magazines like yours, which allow creative’s to share their projects with your audience are greatly appreciated. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I believe something similar can be said in regards to storytelling, what is important to one person may have no impact on another so you have to play it smart and adapt the message you want to send in an envelope people want to open, in this case, a film about revenge and the price you would have to pay by calling it justice. That brings your audience in and hopefully by the end credits you have shown them something that they will take away from. I feel this is true of whatever story you are out to tell, as long as you get the packaging right then the value of what is inside will be a surprise, ideally a pleasant one because no one looks forward to opening a brightly wrapped box to find a pair of socks in it. For the full interview head on over to Occhi Magazine by clicking the link: Film Director Paul Knight Shares His Insight on “24 Little Hours”

Here’s a teaser trailer for the movie, and you can find out more about it on its official website, here.