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Paul Marlon talks exclusively to @BritflicksExtra about his role as Fyre in Paul Knight’s, ‘FYRE RISES’.


In the conversation, Paul Marlon talks about: ‘FYRE RISES’ and his role as FYRE.

How he got the role in the film.

Did he feel under pressure given the short preparation time.

His first thoughts on reading the script.

How challenging it was playing FYRE.

What’s his favourite scene.

Where he got his inspiration to play FYRE. Working with director, Paul Knight.

Will we see more from FYRE?

Starring: Paul Marlon, Aaron Sidwell, Jake Canuso, Rickey Grover, Tina Barnes, Charlene Aldridge, Marc Bannerman, Harriet Thorpe, Dan Richardson, Alana Wallace, Cynthia Rothrock, Eric Roberts. Tagline: Some flames can never be extinguished. Logline: After 15 years of escaping his violent past, Richard Fyre is dragged back into action by the zealous crime lord, Priest, causing his past, present, and future to collide.

Synopsis: Debt-ridden pacifist Richard Fyre faces a moral dilemma when the flamboyant zealot, Priest, propositions him to return to his old mercenary ways in exchange for a clean slate. Standing at a crossroads, Richard must confront his fears of becoming the monster he once was and transform into the man he needs to be—before his indecision brings dire repercussions for his family.

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