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A man has a lot of scores to settle in just 24 hours. Here’s the trailer for British crime movie, 24 Little Hours.

Heading into distribution this year is a new film from writer and director Paul Knight. It goes by the name of 24 Little Hours, and it’s a crime movie starring Kris Johnson, Fiona Skinner, Danny Midwinter, Marc Bannerman, Neal Ward, Karl Hughes, Jonathan Hansler, Danny Young , Ewen Macintosh and Joanna May Parker. Diane Knight produces.

The story follows a man – released from prison after a decade inside – who is after revenge against those who killed his sister. As such, he embarks on a 24 hour killing spree, trying to settle old scores before the police catch up with him. As you might expect, not everything goes to plan.

Here’s a teaser trailer for the movie, and you can find out more about it on its official website, here.

16th January 2019 | by Simon Brew