The storyline is set in the 90’s, in Spain and it is inspired by true events charting the rise and fall of Timeshare entrepreneurs Mickey Piper & ‘Raving’ Ronnie.

Mickey Piper is forced to leave his humdrum life in London so he can escape the clutches of psychotic  crime boss Freddie ‘Fingers’ who suspects Mickey of being involved in the robbery of Gold Bullion.

Mickey jumps on the first plane out to Palma to visit his old friend and ex pat ‘Raving’ Ronnie, a chauvinistic chancer who won big in the property game. Together they set up and run a very profitable Timeshare business alongside street smart seller, Alfie.

Two years on and life is like paradise until the unexpected arrival of Freddie ‘Fingers’ to the island. Seeing Mickey flourishing, Freddie is quick to demand his slice of the pie. Mickey and Ronnie decide once and for all to protect what’s theirs in Palma and the hedonistic party island becomes the battleground for all-out war that involves Russian thugs, Columbian drugs and liberty taking tugs.

Palma – fun in the sun is murder.


Charlie Matheson is a single Dad, living a quiet life whilst doing his best to care for his 2 daughters in the slum underbelly of London.
When a local gang kidnap Jade, Charlie’s teenage daughter, to force Charlie to take out a rival crime boss from Eastern Europe… they get more than they bargain for. For Charlie isn’t the downtrodden family man they thought he was but an old school villain who’s just doing his best to go straight… but when you mess with his family, Charlie, with the aid of his old gang, comes out of retirement and sets the streets on fire in this balls to the wall action film.
Concept line: Taken meets History of Violence


Teaming up with Scruffy Bear Pictures - Skorned is an action-packed, dark, supernatural revenge thriller with mortals, demons and a conflicted Angel.
Concept line: The Crow meets Haywire


In a secret military base, deep in the English countryside, Project Avalon promises synthetic soldiers to ease the cost of war.
Instead, Avalon’s dark secret is the reanimated bodies of those fallen in battle. Can one man’s search for his dead brother drag Avalon into the light and lay the dead to rest for good?
It’s the last word in recycling.
Concept line: Universal Soldier meets Re-Animator


A joint production with renowned creature designer Karl Derrick at the helm of this tale - Captain Christine Howard, sole survivor of her disastrous first command and saddled with survivor guilt, takes a trip to the Somme to fulfil a family promise. She and husband Jeff bring back more than they bargained for. Haunted by tattered, lethal spirits of First World War soldiers, they enlist the help of a professor of paranormal psychology and a cynical, drunk, washed up psychic. Together they must discover how to lay the ghosts to rest, before they too become victims of the century old conflict.


When an outbreak happens during the 2012 Olympic games, Britain becomes a haven for the walking dead. A handful of survivors must make their way to the coastline using the safety of the countryside, but zombies aren't the only thing to fear in the woods.


Making movies is murder, as Don Cutaway and his family use the cover of making a horror film to dispose of their enemies.
Concept line: The Godfather meets The Producers.


A tense and disturbing hostage story detailing the lengths that captives will go through to survive.
Concept line: Buried meets Panic room.


Teaming up with Shotgun Productions once more, this funny action packed tale of two naive men on the run through the streets of London, trying to avoid the criminals that their paths have crossed, whilst desperately trying to return the giant pink sex toy to its rightful owner.
Concept line: Snatch meets Dude where’s my car.


Serial cannibalistic killer Nathan Mensal has finally been brought to justice after the 20 year man hunt comes to a conclusion. With found footage documenting his every kill, a team of experts and friends dissect the events of the man called ‘Krave’.
Concept line: Cannibal Holocaust meets Hollywood true stories


Prison life is learned the hard way for fresh fish, Jimmy Gaines, who must become more of a criminal inside then he ever was outside, to survive a riot that see’s prison guard, Marcus Parkes’s attitude turn from gamekeeper to poacher as he is stuck in the middle of it all.
Concept line: Scum meets Cell 21