Although the tax schemes in place to aid the investor and their return, another benefit to investing in film is the prestige of being in one of the most glamorous and respected industries that have a track record of being recession proof.

During the process of making any of our projects, the investors will be invited to a large range of events including pre-production parties at BAFTA, a pre-film party at the studios with the cast and crew, a VIP day on set and a VIP day on location. They will also be offered a chance to appear as an extra or to gain film experience on the set and also an invitation to the wrap party at the exclusive ‘Century private members’ club in central London.

The Investor newsletter
A unique, behind the scenes insight into the film-making process with updates on everything to do with our productions, including information on actors, filming and publicity.

Personal invitations
For the Investor and a guest to a pre-production party where the Investor can meet the producers, the director, the writer and crew.

On Set VIP day
An invitation for the Investor and a guest to visit the film set for a special VIP day and gain a unique insight into the movie-making process.

Online exclusive access
Investor-only section of the film’s website with details of events and behind the scenes news, Investor blogs, a chance to ask the film-makers questions online, a first preview of images and content from the "making of" documentaries, stills and movie clips from the Investor parties and interviews with the cast.

Elite Screenings
An invitation for the Investor and a guest to a West-End screening of our latest production followed by a cocktail reception with celebrity guests.

Personal credit
An on-screen personal credit for perpetuity on the official film credit list

The chance to be an extra
The opportunity to take part in the filming as an extra.

Investors’ client hospitality
The option for exclusive and tailor-made hospitality events to be arranged for the Investors’ clients.



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