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For full time gambler Diggs Tyler, Freddie O'Keefe's fight school is the promised land, legendary for their high stakes fight that attracts high rollers worldwide due to its internet streaming output. Diggs, recognising an excellent opportunity, bets the villainous schools owner that his retired fighter will defeat any 10 opponents from his stable. It is far from a sure thing, though, since Diggs fighter is Jamie "Jaymo" Morrison, a cranky, over-the-hill, retired, overweight, ill, 50 year old that has only agreed to come out of retirement to aid his old friend and believed dead manager, Nick Vanhorne, who has joined up with Diggs to win this million pound bet.

New City Fighter - IMDB

'New City Fighter' is the story of how Matt Legg after being imprisoned for violent crimes, that were retaliations, has a chance meeting and friendship with Norman Buckland: bare knuckle fighter, boxer and doorman. Norman decides to help Matt change his lifestyle, by teaching him how to box, and starts Matt on his way in to the boxing world.


New Breed production in association with Shotgun Productions are pleased to present the brutal life of professional boxer Matt Legg directed by Russell North in this hard hitting feature -- "New City Fighter".

Thugs, Mugs & Violence - IMDB

After the disappearance of 2million pounds worth of drugs, blame falls between the rival firms. The streets of London then become the backdrop to an intertwined game of cat and mouse between the gangs as each make their play to gain control as the story twists and turns with a host of colourful characters, shoot outs and violence. Billy and Johnny Davis are old school criminals from the East End of London, Mo Mo is the leader of Brick Lane firm whilst the South London gang is headed by Tony 'The Ant' Declan. As the story unfolds around the three gangs, we encounter Peeper's, Judge, Stardust and the Serb who further intensify the tale of double-cross, bloodshed and revenge.