Acquisition / Development

The development stage takes the longest period of time within the filmmaking process.  It includes acquiring the rights to a story idea, polishing the screenplay, finding the right talent (director, cast and crew) and ultimately, sourcing and securing the production financing.

Once a producer has acquired the rights to a book, play, treatment or script, they work directly with a screenwriter, lending their experience to build on the concept and give it a ‘universal’ appeal.  Screenplay development normally takes several months and involves many re-writes until the producer is satisfied with the tone and structure.  During this phase, elements such as B or C storylines, characterization, dialogue and overall style are shaped.

The final draft of the screenplay is polished in collaboration with the director, who in most cases is in charge of the visual and creative aspects of the film.

When the screenplay is in its final form, the producer will prepare an appealing package for financiers and investors. This typically includes the polished screenplay, anticipated director/cast biographies and a financial plan to evaluate the commercial prospects of the project. Films of a similar genre, from the same director or with the same cast may be citied as benchmarks. With the help of an illustrator, some film projects will see the director present a storyboard in order for investors to pre-visualise and agree to the director’s vision of the finished product.

Once the package has been thoroughly evaluated by financiers or investors, they will then decide whether to ‘pass’ on the film project or green-light it by agreeing to be involved in the financing.  A green-light status will progress a project almost immediately into the phase known as ‘pre-production’ to which the ‘production’ phase will then follow based on the approved production schedule. 


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