Cannes 2012

Cannes 2012



If you’ve never been for the festival but are in the film industry I would recommend at least going once… it is an experience… Perhaps not the experience you imagine… but an experience all the same.


Red carpet premier’s, rubbing shoulders with A-lister’s, Paparazzi taking your photo, champagne following and VIP treatment in every night club… after all you are in the film industry… but alas, no… unless you are an established mover or shaker… it is just an expensive holiday in the south of France…


Red Carpet

If you are not selling or pitching and are new to the biz, with no contacts, then Cannes can be a bit of a let-down… if you want to see celebs… then you want to be there the week it all starts… a day or two before and then the opening days… the big names are there and then they’re gone…


You want to meet the money men… Get the second mortgage ready or raid the life savings… as it is not cheap to buy 5 minutes of time from someone high up… The head of EMI told me… ’This year you buy the drinks… next year you have them bought for you…’ I wont tell you how much that cost me ;-)




The Carlton Hotel

Do not go with expectations… all the main hotels host many networking spots…  so mingle, if you have no luck… then don’t sweat it… your first trip is a fact finding mission…. As once you know how it all works… the following year you’ll be locked and loaded to rock ‘n’ roll…


Do go from the start rather than the end… always keep any appointments that you get…. And always offer to pick up the first round… it’s the basic’s that will see you get out alive lol


Also... 45 minutes by train is Monaco... never hurts to have a day visit to Monte Carlo and feel like James Bond.